Mid-autumn festival lantern making


The Salvation Army HK is a Christian church and charity known internationally and was first established in Hong Kong in 1930, dedicated to supporting the people in need and responding to local needs, emergencies and disasters, with activities such as social service, educational services and recycling programmes etc. 

On the 3rd of September 2022, four of our volunteers represented Love, Handmades in collaborating with the Salvation Army to conduct a DIY lantern workshop for free. With the help of our volunteers, the kids worked with their parents to create lanterns using different materials. During the event, the kids were able to showcase their creativity by drawing and decorating their lanterns, turning them into different animals and creating cute and unique lanterns to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

After the workshop, our volunteers helped pack goodie bags to give to the elderly. The kids, along with their parents, then travelled around the Yau Tsim Wong district and gave out the lanterns that they just made and the packed goodie bags to the elderly at different elderly homes around the area. The kids highly enjoyed the event and had a lot of fun.